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Erin Carr

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Erin Carr (she/her) is currently working as a theatre practitioner & theatre activist out of Cincinnati, OH.

She is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she studied at the Experimental Theatre Wing

with Mary Overlie, and is currently working on her Master of Business Administration with a focus on


Along with performing, collaborating, and teaching, Erin is on the National Board of Directors for the

Educational Theatre Association and works as an advanced physical theatre coach around the U.S. She is currently the Vice President for the League of Cincinnati Theatres, a Co-Founder of Teaching Artist

Alliance, a Regional Coordinator for StateraArts in Cincinnati, Co-Artistic Director of the feminist-centric

theatre company, ReVamp Collective, based in Philadelphia, PA, as well as the Co-Founder of Solasta Theatre Lab in Cincinnati, OH.

Erin also works as a movement life coach, focusing on the awareness of body language and the stories

we express physically. IG: @obstaclesasopportunities

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